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Your Cloud Second Brain

Cloud space combined with LLM
Empower your data with AI, becoming a master of knowledge alchemy

In the age of information explosion, is your brain overloaded with knowledge?

Knowledge keeps growing. Do you struggle to recall content amidst the information overload? Let our second brain help extract insights and create valuable content from your accumulated data. xBrain, designed for ASUS Cloud Services, uses LLM technology to translate text into actionable insights, making search and application generation effortless. Empower yourself with your own cloud second brain. Understand better. Create smarter

xBrain Second Brain: Your Cloud Knowledge Management AI

Drive work productivity with AI brain, allowing the first brain to focus on core tasks

First Brain
Human brain

Thinking and creating

Analyze | Summarize | Understand | Judge

Second Brain
AI Digital Brain

Explore and manage

Capture | Process | Store | Search

xBrain assists you in knowledge tasks

CODE four steps to activate AI knowledge exploration

What is xBrain?
xBrain is a unique AI feature designed for data accumulated within ASUS Cloud Services’ cloud space. Through LLM technology, it transforms text stored in the cloud into computer-understandable language, creating an intelligent knowledge base, making search and generation applications more intuitive!

Centralized Data Management

Quick knowledge exploration through semantic dialogue


Organize, share, and grade

Decentralized knowledge base protects privacy


Content generation and summarization

Accelerate understanding and assist decision-making


Safe data sharing

Seamless sharing under security protection

Source: The concept of building a second brain and CODE is derived from Tiago Forte’s book “Building a Second Brain.”

Always like finding a needle in a haystack when searching for data?

Knowledge overload
Can’t find with keyword search

Product documents are numerous and complex
Customer response efficiency is low

Historical documents are overflowing
Lacking sources for material

Natural language querying
Quickly find the knowledge needed

Quick search of product documents
Significantly improve response efficiency

Source marking for materials
Ensure the authenticity of information

xBrain takes on the burden of complex knowledge tasks

Hello! Amanda, welcome to using xBrain
What is xBrain?
“xBrain” integrates cloud space and LLM technology, featuring…
What are the core functions of the “xBrain” plan?
The main features include: 1. Natural language semantic search 2….

Natural language intelligent search

More intuitive natural dialogue interactions, obtain more accurate data and search results without complex commands

  • Conversations with personal and team accumulated knowledge
  • Quickly find inspiration related to tasks
  • Accelerate the efficiency of knowledge services through dialogue
  • Train your exclusive AI brain with your own data

Beyond that, more hidden applications await your discovery

Translate this document
What language would you like to translate the file into?
Translation complete, please download the file

English-Chinese Bilingual Document Translation Support

Automatically translate designated documents into English-Chinese versions to accelerate bilingual communication and exchange

Please summarize this document
Generative AI in accounting raises ethical issues, including .…

Quickly summarize the key points of the document

Automatically summarize key information from selected documents quickly, assisting in capturing the essence of the document

Cloud Space x Second Brain
Empower the knowledge you’ve accumulated with AI

Leave complex knowledge tasks to the second brain

Focus more on core tasks

  • Get started easily with no barriers
    Enhance the accuracy of data and knowledge searches through natural dialogue
  • Speed up the output efficiency of content tasks
    Turn generative AI applications into fuel for productivity, achieving more with less effort
  • Knowledge sharing applications have no borders
    Enhance cross-border document understanding and achieve efficient English-Chinese bilingual communication
  • Flexibility and security go hand in hand
    Meet the flexible needs for data growth, creating a secure sharing environment

Activate your cloud second brain now
Accelerate your content creation and knowledge exploration

Your cloud second brain

With xBrain, whether you are an individual or a professional team, you can extract inspiration from the knowledge accumulated in your cloud space, making the second brain your best knowledge management assistant, aiding complex knowledge search and research tasks, achieving efficient AI work techniques!

Personal version application

  • Essence extraction for creative materials
  • Market research and survey summaries
  • Research Paper Abstracts
  • More applications await your exploration
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Team application

  • Quick search of team knowledge documents
  • Summaries and compilations of projects and market reports
  • Cross-national team collaboration communication and knowledge sharing
  • More applications await your exploration
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I want to apply for the second brain plan to experience xBrain, does it include cloud space?

Yes, applying for the second brain plan trial allows you to also enjoy 1TB of free cloud space with ASUS WebStorage and the generative application experience of xBrain’s cloud second brain.

What is the difference between xBrain’s intelligent search function and the common ChatGPT search?

ChatGPT searches all content on the internet through semantic search, including web pages, images, and videos, whereas xBrain performs document searches within the user’s cloud knowledge base, based on knowledge accumulated in the past.

In the second brain plan, what is the point calculation mechanism mentioned in xBrain’s functions?

For plans that include xBrain’s special features, the system provides a set amount of points daily for you to use corresponding functions. Whether or not you use the day’s points, the system will reset the points to your daily maximum at 00:00 GMT+8.

The point consumption for each xBrain function is explained as follows:

  • Natural language dialogue search: Each dialogue consumes 1 point.
  • Quick document focus summary: Each consumes 2 points (1 point for semantic analysis, 1 point for file content processing).
  • English-Chinese Bilingual Document Translation Support: Costs a minimum of 3 points each time (semantic analysis 1 point, file content processing 2 points or more).

Note: Document translation points will be determined based on the original file and the output file content, with 1 point equivalent to approximately 1,800 Chinese characters or 3,600 characters. For example, translating a document containing 5,000 Chinese characters into English, producing an 8,000-character file, would calculate as follows:
(1 point for semantic analysis + 3 points for the original file + 3 points for the output file) = a total of 7 points.

How to purchase the second brain team plan?

If you wish to purchase the business plan, you can contact us. Our professionals will reach out to assist you with the purchase process.

If you encounter any issues using xBrain’s functions, how can I resolve them?

If you encounter any issues while using the feature, you can resolve them in the following ways:

(1) Support Center: You can visit our Support Center, which provides user guides and FAQs to help you troubleshoot.

(2) Problem Report Form: If you cannot find an answer in the Support Center, you can fill out our online problem report form, and our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible.

I am very interested in the second brain plan, how can I become a sales partner?

If you are interested in our second brain plan and xBrain and wish to become our sales partner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assign a professional to further communicate with you and assist in starting the collaboration process.

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