ASUS WebStorage Drive Cloud Streaming Hard Drive

WebStorage Drive

Cloud Streaming Hard Drive

No complex setup required, sync anytime
Expand your computer’s hard drive space in one step

Always running out of hard drive space?

Limited hard disk space on computers, but unlimited growth in data storage, is your computer running slower? WebStorage Drive frees up your computer’s hard disk space by syncing local personal computer data to the cloud in real-time, always keeping it up to date. When editing files is needed, the system will automatically download them to your computer’s temporary cache to speed up editing efficiency, without changing any usage habits, infinitely extending your computer space!

Featured Applications

Extend Disk Capacity

Access cloud files online without occupying your computer’s capacity when files are not opened

Real-time Cloud Sync

Mount the cloud drive, files are automatically synced upon any change, keeping data up-to-date

Clear Temporary Files to Free Up Space

Files accessed are automatically downloaded, and when temporary capacity is full, space is automatically cleared

Cloud Space X Cloud Streaming Hard Drive
Effortlessly free up disk space, access anytime without restrictions

Focused on optimizing your data access experience

Not just flexible and agile, but also more secure

  • Seamless File Sync
    Data is updated in real-time upon any change, always kept up-to-date
  • Maximize Computer Space
    Does not occupy space when not accessed, freeing up computer capacity anytime
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere
    Supports login from multiple computers, fast data transfer without boundaries
  • Security as a Priority
    Synchronous ransomware scanning, putting your valuable data first

No need to sacrifice precious computer space
Experience the significant expansion of hard drive space now

WebStorage Drive

Let the cloud extend your hard disk space

With WebStorage Drive, sync computer data to the cloud anytime, creating a seamless experience across multiple computing devices, fulfilling the need for fast access, sharing, and management of data without occupying computer space, for both individuals and teams.

Personal version application

  • Expand your computer’s hard disk space, double the performance
  • Cloud data is always kept up-to-date
  • Ransomware protection mechanism, automatically protects files
  • More applications await your exploration
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Business Edition Application

  • Real-time sync of computer data to the cloud
  • Cross-device connectivity, access data anytime
  • Anomaly detection, continuous protection
  • More applications await your exploration
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Is a subscription required to use WebStorage Drive?

Just purchase a WebStorage plan to enjoy the exclusive features of WebStorage Drive, and immediately experience the speed and convenience of cloud streaming hard drives.

What are the operating system requirements for WebStorage Drive?

WebStorage Drive currently supports operating systems of Windows 10 and above. To check your current version of Windows, please refer to the instructions.

What application scenarios is WebStorage Drive currently suitable for?

WebStorage Drive, a cloud streaming hard drive, is ideal for multi-device multitasking. It allows file access through two different computers, simplifying the transfer of data between them, or it can be used for applications such as editing large files. With WebStorage Drive, you can edit and produce through applications on a more powerful computer, then synchronize with the cloud upon completion to save transmission time and enhance efficiency.

If I encounter problems using the features of WebStorage Drive, how can I resolve them?

If you encounter any issues while using the feature, you can resolve them in the following ways:

(1) Support Center: You can visit our Support Center, which provides user guides and FAQs to help you troubleshoot.

(2) Problem Report Form: If you cannot find an answer in the Support Center, you can fill out our online problem report form, and our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible.

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