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ASUS Cloud Services

Autonomous, Secure, Smarter

Cloud Storage Service

From sharing, protecting to AI-generated applications

Infusing new value into your computer and device data

ASUS Cloud Services: Comprehensive cloud storage services with over a decade of international operation and service experience, focusing on the flexibility, convenience, security, and AI intelligence of data applications. From individuals to teams, it infuses data with new life, ensuring that precious memories and digital assets endure.

Key Features


Your AI-generated Cloud Brain
, turning accumulated data into valuable insights

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Secure Auto-Backup

Protecting your computer data automatically from day one,
24/7, ensuring peace of mind from hacking attempts

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WebStorage Drive

Free up your computer’s hard drive space,
access inspiration anytime, anywhere, on any device

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At your service when you need it

Wherever you are, as long as there’s an internet connection, easily access the data you need, fulfilling critical demands at crucial moments, unrestricted by devices. From automatic backups to AI knowledge management applications, creating a knowledge repository for your second brain, significantly enhancing your productivity and creativity with cloud applications!

Collaborate anytime with your team and partners

Ensure the secure exchange of professional creative content and office documents through secure channels for sharing and collaboration. Streamline communication by easily share any files, photos, or videos via links, supported by encryption mechanisms to safeguard your most critical intellectual assets.

Effortlessly safeguard your valuable data

Data security is our forte. Built on over a decade of international service and operational experience, we’ve constructed the most reliable and reassuring storage space. No more worrying about data loss or leaks, along with round-the-clock ransomware protection, allowing you to focus concentrate on more critical life and work tasks.

Service Capability

Information Security Management System ISO27001 Certified
Cloud Operation Room 3
Global SLA Achieved
Global Country Distribution 239
Service User Base Exceeding a Hundred Million
Supports Over of Languages 11
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