Timeline Backup makes it clear when recovering data

Cloud backup is as easy as that!

*Only available for Windows at the moment. Stay tuned for a Mac version!

*11-language interface available

Have a huge amount of data on your old computer at home and don’t know how to transfer it?

Is the life span of your hardware limited and the more data you have on your computer or hard drive, the more worried you are?

Is the life span of your hardware limited and the more data you have on your computer or hard drive, the more worried you are?

Timeline Backup is the best way to backup your data in the cloud.

Replace your old machine with a new one, and move your data faster!

Use Timeline Backup to back up your old computer data and recover it from the new one almost effortlessly.

Timed backups to complete important tasks automatically

Just set the backup folder and time, and the system will automatically repeat the backup task and update the version. Save your valuable time. (This function is limited to paid users only)

Snapshot backup: Choose the time version for recovery

Has your computer been invaded by a virus? Can’t find that important contract from two weeks ago? No problem! You can choose the version of time you want to recover your data.

Backing up USB and hard drives is easy and convenient

Want to backup the data on your USB or external hard drive? Connect them to the PC and set backup directly; it saves time and effort!

Timeline Backup what are the benefits of the paid edition?

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Features Free Edition Paid Edition
Available Space 3-5 GB


Large capacity for cloud storage and backup needs all in one place!

Number of backup PC(s) 1 unit

2 units

Up to 2 PCs can be backed up; one for public use and one for personal use!

Number of backup editions 2


If set the automatic backup 1 time per week, all the files in 12 weeks can be retained

Backup method Manual

Automatic. Can set daily, weekly, and monthly backup

Automatically schedule backups to save your time!

Get 100GB for backup in 3 easy steps!

Settled every Thursday, and the “Backup completion award 100GB for 30 days” is sent every Saturday. Please contact customer service if you did not receive your space reward; we will help you as soon as possible.Contact@asuswebstorage.com


*Window version supported
*11-language interface available

Set up backup folders

*Backup folder must have at least 5MB of data in it

Automatic backup can be set

*Click on Backup > Advanced Settings

3 steps to recover data quickly and easily!

Recover data

Select backuped time

*Choose a different time version of your backuped data

Select a recoverable item

*Choose a single folder or file

The timeline makes things clear when recovering data from the web

Paid users can backup at fixed times of their choice, and the system will keep the latest version for you while eliminating the oldest version automatically in order to save space. (Free users can perform manual backup.)

Top fortress for cloud backup data

11 years of ISO27001 security certification

Compliant with EU GDPR regulations

High-level security SSL encryption certificate

US Federal AES data encryption standard

Timeline Backup
Limited Time Offer

Offer valid until Nov 30th. Buy early and enjoy early!

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Purchase Timeline Backup and enjoy more features

ASUS WebStorage APP automatically backs up your mobile phone albums to the cloud to free up your mobile space.

ASUS WebStorage PC version can synchronize your computer data to the cloud and keep your files close to you.

ASUS WebStorage PC version is equipped with “Ransomware Detection” to protect your cloud files from contamination.

The web version allows you to log in and share or preview files from any device and allows you to encrypt and share links.

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