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Better Choice, 90% Less Price of Business Laptop

Your personalized supercomputer with ample storage in the cloud.

Easy start with just one click
Anywhere access

Simplify the setup and management of your 2nd computer with ease. Help you to increase productivity while reducing time costs.

Swift File Access
No Hard Drive Space Required

Through ASUS WebStorage Drive, you can conveniently access and manage all your data and content on cloud PC.

First-line security and protection
Eliminate cybersecurity threats

Secure, anytime, anywhere! Combines the power and security of the cloud with ASUS WebStorage built-in ransomware detection, military-grade encryption, and TWCC’s national-level cybersecurity protection mechanisms to safeguard critical data at every stage.


Empowers your capability and business.

Without Physical Machine

Run your computer in the cloud, so you no longer need to worry about damage or depreciation.

Friendly User Interface

Simple user interface for easy setup and use of Cloud PC to fit your needs.

Secure and Fast

Protect your data with international cybersecurity and compliance and a low latency network of InfiniBand for fast transmission.

Flexible On-Demand Usage

Charge with pay-as-you-go and pick up where you left off anytime on any device.

With TWCC Cloud PC, you can directly access your data in ASUS WebStorage through WebStorage Drive and run your programs and applications from a remote desktop. It provides the optimal virtual environment anytime, anywhere, according to your needs and preferences, and offers limitless possibilities for innovation with security and high speed!

ASUS WebStorage 2TB Cloud Storage +

Clear at a glance

Featured categories make you sync, share, and search your folders more quickly.

Ransomware Protection

Real-time monitoring to block ransomware threats at the first sign of malicious behavior.

Access all your resouces

Supports file synchronization across multiple devices, allowing you to access the files you need anytime.

Get started with TWCC Cloud PC today !
Enjoy a highly efficient digital working environment.


√ TWCC Cloud PC 5,000 credits Coupon Code
√ Pay-as-you-go with per-second billing
√ With Pre-installed WebStorage Drive App

FREE ASUS WebStorage 2TB / 1-Year

√ Cloud Storage:2TB
√ Period:1 year
√ Ransomware Detection
√ Retention days of version:30
√ Single file upload limit:50 GB
√ Daily file sharing limit:100 GB

Exclusive Price $179.99

Original Price $287.98

Purchase TWCC Cloud PC 5,000 credits Coupon Code ($179.99)
FREE for 2TB/1-Year ASUS WebStorage Cloud Storage($107.99)

Buy Now

From now – 15th Oct.

Product Specification

Product Name

Cloud PC (CPC)

Operating System

Windows Server 2019

Hardware Specification

v2.super (2 CPU + 4GB memory)

Virtual Disk     

System Disk (200GB HDD)

ASUS WebStorage

2 TB

Pre-installed apps

WebStorage Drive

*[Upgrade] Need more TWCC Cloud PC credits Coupon Code? Purchase here!


1.1. This is a special promotional product with a 14-day evaluation period (the evaluation period starts one day after the activation code is sent). If the TWCC Cloud PC credit has not been activated or if the credit has been activated but not used, a full refund will be issued unconditionally. If the credit has been used, a refund will be processed based on the proportional usage, and new order can still be accepted. ASUS Cloud and TWCC reserve the right to modify or terminate the event.

2.1. Yes, you will need to use the [Register New Account] option to create a new ASUS Cloud account for cloud storage usage.
2.2. You can also purchase the [Upgrade] plan, and purchase TWCC Cloud PC credit separately.

3-1. The TWCC credit Coupon Code will be sent to you via E-mail, Please refer to the user manual or instructions provided to complete the redemption process.
3-2. The redemption period for the TWCC credit Coupon Code is until October 31, 2023. Any redemption attempts made after this date will be automatically invalidated. Please note that no extensions or replacements will be provided. We kindly remind you to complete the redemption process within the specified period.

4.1. It charges TWCC 2.5 credits per hour (excluding taxes). With per-second billing, you don’t have to worry about being charged for the unused time in an hour.

5.1. This product is a bundled package, which includes TWCC Cloud PC credit and 2TB/1-year ASUS WebStorage cloud storage . If a return is requested, all items in the bundle must be returned together. It is not possible to return only one item from the bundle. When your return application is successfully accepted, the usage rights for the 2TB/1-year cloud storage will be revoked; the remaining balance of your TWCC Cloud PC credit will no longer be usable.
5.2. If the TWCC Cloud PC credit has not been activated or if it has been activated but not used, a full refund will be issued unconditionally.
5.3. If the TWCC Cloud PC credit has been used, a refund will be processed based on the proportional usage of the remaining balance.
5.4. Total refund = Purchase amount × (Remaining balance/Total usable balance) × 100%
5.5. To view your personal TWCC credit usage information, please log in to your account and refer to: . For the actual remaining balance, please contact the TWCC customer service email : .
5.6. If you have a return request, please fill out the problem reporting form and select “Cloud PC Product” under the “Problem Category” and “Application for Refund (limited within 14 days of purchase)” under the “Problem Item”.After submitting the problem reporting form, you will receive a refund application form. Please make sure to provide complete information on the form. Incomplete information may affect your eligibility for a refund.

6.1. You can go to our support center, or fill out the problem reporting form online, and the customer service team will assist you.

Through the national-level supercomputers and TWCC cloud platform, we provide the largest, safest, most efficient, and accessible AIHPC (AI High-Performance Computing) green computing power and diverse cloud solutions in Taiwan. In the era of AI 2.0 and digital transformation, we bring unlimited possibilities to your AI intelligent applications and business innovations!

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