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Cloud Data Automatic Backup

Protect your computer data from day one
24/7 peace of mind protection, eliminating ransomware threats!

Daily peace of mind automatic backup, quickly trace back to a specified time

Have you ever experienced data loss due to computer or hard drive damage ? Are you overwhelmed by the complex operations of backup software and the variety of portable hard drive options on the market? You need a simpler and more user-friendly cloud backup solution. Auto-Backup allows you to back up your computer or specified hard drive data to the cloud with one click. When needed, you can restore files to a specified time point with ease. Automatic backup, equipped with encryption and anti-hacking mechanisms, protects you from threats!

Featured Applications

24/7 Automatic Backup

User-friendly interface, automatic backup anytime, anywhere, without occupying computer resources or repeating backups

Real-time monitoring and protection

Instantly block suspicious threats in the event of ransomware hacker attacks, doubling data security

One-click backup and restore

Easily set up automatic scheduling, one-click quick restore to the selected file state at a specified time

Cloud Space X Data Automatic Backup Preferred
Always traceable, guarding your most precious computer data

Focus on optimizing your data backup experience.

Easily auto-backup, fear no data loss or intrusion.

  • User-friendly and easy to operate
    Quick-start with a clean interface, complete backup setup in three minutes
  • Embed peace of mind into your daily routine
    Real-time ransomware monitoring and protection, blocking threats instantly
  • Save more space for you
    Incremental backups without duplication, enhancing the speed and efficiency of auto-backup
  • Faster than you expect
    Quickly restore your personal data status no matter what accidents occur

You’ll eventually backup, why not now?
Immediately activate the most seamless and considerate backup service


Cloud Data Automatic Backup

Through Auto-Backup’s automatic, secure, and user-friendly features, make backup no longer a cumbersome task. Let it be seamless and reassuring, retrieving your most valuable computer data quickly even in any data crisis, effortlessly creating the most reassuring cloud backup environment!

Personal version application

  • Easy setup with just one click, saving time and effort with automatic backup
  • Complete data protection, real-time monitoring with multi-layered security
  • Time-rewind recovery, no fear of data loss
  • More applications await your exploration
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Business Edition Application

  • Endpoint Backup, Protecting Employee Devices
  • Security Management, Admins Check Backup Status
  • Research Paper Abstracts
  • Explore More Applications
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Does Auto-Backup only support cloud data backup?

Auto-Backup supports backing up data from the hard drive of your laptop or personal computer, as well as any external hard drives. After selecting specified folders or directories, important data can be backed up and stored in Auto-Backup, and can be retrieved at any time.

How many versions of backups can I have with Auto-Backup?

Each backup operation with Auto-Backup generates a backup version. The “number of backup versions” indicates the number of versions you can retain after the backup is completed, and this value varies depending on the plan you purchase.

How does Auto-Backup protect my files?

After enabling the ransomware detection feature in Auto-Backup, if a file is detected to have been modified by a virus or abnormal program to a specific file extension during the backup scan, a warning window will pop up and the backup will be paused. At this time, the file with the modified extension will not be backed up to the cloud.

What should I do if I encounter issues with Auto-Backup?

If you encounter any issues while using the feature, you can resolve them in the following ways:

(1) Support Center: You can visit our Support Center, which provides user guides and FAQs to help you troubleshoot.

(2) Problem Report Form: If you cannot find an answer in the Support Center, you can fill out our online problem report form, and our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible.

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