Backup, why do it manually?

Fully auto. 1 click setup. Files upload to cloud.

Buy 1 TB get 200 GB free

200GB free when purchasing. (Price: US$25.49).

Limited offer. First come, first served.

Troublesome to backup?
It bothers you?

Statistics indicate that approx. 1/3 of users don’t have the habit of backing up files, and always experience heartbreaking moments:

How can people swiftly move countless amounts of files exceeding 1k GB with insufficient HD space?

You may think external HDs to be safe, but you may find them faulty years later, and important files all gone.

Too many travel photos and videos jammed your phone and caused it lag. What to do with insufficient space?

We solve backup issues once for all.

Easy to backup even for first timer.

Auto Backup when you turn on your PC

You still backup slowly with a USB cable?
ASUS Secure Auto-Backup backups files instantly/by schedule to protect your files. You don’t have to interrupt work to back up files, and backup files while simultaneously using your computer to save time a and be efficient.

Auto Backup when you turn on your PC
It backs up with the camera clicks

It backs up with the camera clicks

Find it difficult to delete favorite photos in your phone? Camera upload function to auto upload photos and videos to the cloud. Backup while taking photos. Take photos anytime. No worry about insufficient space.

Simple. Handy. Easy to use.

3 steps to backup files in the PC, USB HDDs, and external devices. 1 click to backup all Just store favorite files. We back them up safely for you.

Simple. Handy. Easy to use.

ASUS Exclusive Offer

200GB free when purchasing. (Price: US$25.49). First come, first served.


Free trial

Limited time offer

US$ 1.42 /month

Try now Buy now

About 1,200 photos

About 250,000 photos

All packages include

  • Auto PC backup plan
  • Easy to restore files
  • Files version kept for 30 days
  • Recycle bin kept for 30 days
  • Phone camera upload

  • Support Windows/Mac/Android/iOS
  • Unlimited device login
  • Sync without occupying PC space
  • Auto sync among devices

  • Share download and link request
  • Invite users to use shared folders
  • Share advanced and safety setting

  • TLS/SSL encrypted transmission protection
  • Online virus scan
  • 24H real-time monitoring and auto restoration
  • ISO 27001 Certification


  1. ASUS WebStorage is the first cloud storage manufacturer certified ISO 27001 by the British Standards Institute (BSI).
  2. It uses AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to prevent leakage during transmission.
  3. It uses SSL256 encryption technology for the financial business to enhance the safety of cloud storage.

No. ASUS WebStorage won’t auto renew your plan. When your account expires, we will email you about the expiration date and special discount for renewal. You may renew with the special discount we offer.

If you intend to discontinue using ASUS WebStorage, we will email you about the expiration date and give you enough time to retrieve your files. Don’t worry. Your files won’t be deleted without notice.

You can reference the user manual at our support center or fill up the help request form online. Our professional service team is always there to help you.

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