Introducing ASUS Cloud Protect: Your Ultimate Data Protection Solution in the Cloud Era.

ASUS Cloud has been providing ASUS WebStorage cloud storage service for 15 years. As one of the pioneering cloud service providers in the Asia-Pacific region, it has gained over 100 million loyal users worldwide. ASUS Cloud continues to foster local innovation while amplifying the value of international innovation and applications. In March 2023, ASUS Cloud will launch a new service concept called ASUS Cloud Protect, which will focus on cloud storage and cloud backup solutions. Over the years, ASUS Cloud has been dedicated to researching, developing, and operating cloud services that revolve around data. It caters to personal users, small and medium businesses, and even large enterprises, providing a comprehensive cloud data protection service. At the same time, ASUS Cloud creates more diverse, flexible, and open values in the new digital era.

ASUS Cloud Protect cloud data protection service

ASUS Cloud Protect is a cloud-native data protection service that values agility and security. It helps users achieve personal and business milestones while safeguarding critical data. ASUS Cloud Protect offers diversity and elasticity, allowing users to share, protect, and manage valuable digital assets. The service includes two main applications: Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup. ASUS WebStorage, a cloud storage product recommended by over 100 million loyal users, meets the demands of digital transformation such as synchronizing, sharing, storage, and editing. On the other hand, the cloud backup product ASUS Secure Auto-Backup focuses on 24/7 automatic protection of critical data. It offers automatic scheduling, value-added functions such as one-click restoration, data deduplication backups, and ensures data migration, disaster recovery, computer efficiency, and performance. ASUS Cloud Protect provides the most cost-effective, intuitive, and flexible digital data protection solution. From day one, we care about our customers, regardless of whether it’s personal or enterprise data. We prioritize efficiency and security to ensure that precious data is always protected.

The launch of a new service concept also integrates the overall identification names of previous products for individual and corporate users, creating a unified service concept with a consistent digital application experience for various customers. The relevant instructions are as follows:

Description of product series and application name change:

Original Name Adjusted Name
ASUS WebStorage ASUS WebStorage (Personal)
ASUS WebStorage (Personal)
ASUS WebStorage for Business ASUS WebStorage (Business)
ASUS WebStorage (Business)
Sync APP
Desktop sync application
ASUS WebStorage Sync (Windows/Mac/Linux)
ASUS WebStorage iOS/Android
Mobile access application
ASUS WebStorage Mobile App (iOS/Android)
Remote Drive Service will end on December 31, 2023
CloudConnect for Outlook WebStorage Outlook Add-in
CloudConnect for Office Service will end on April 30, 2023
A.I. Secure Auto-Backup ASUS Secure Auto-Backup

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